Why “do” Social Media…no client has ever said they use it.

With new technology there is always lag between early adopters and wide spread use. It happened when people started to domesticate dogs, it happened when people started riding in horseless carriages, and it’s happening now with Social Media. Three seamingly unrelated historical events all of which have a single common thread. People always think “That’s never gonna catch on.”

Seriously, think about it when the first man tried to “domesticate” a wolf in order to help him hunt every single one of his neighbors probably thought he was an idiot. Months maybe years, and most likely a missing hand later, he had the first dog.

Here’s the thing.

Until you research social media to see who is using it, how do you know your clients aren’t using it? Have you ever had a client tell you watch TV? Or read a magazine? Or even make calls on their cellphone? Probably not because these things have been adopted into our culture as assumed behaviors.

It might be they’re not mentioning it because they don’t think it’s out of the ordinary to be using it.

Social media is a fairly new thing and it has reached it’s first major plateau. Whether we are talking Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or any of the other myriad of social media platforms it is more likely than not many of your clients are using one of them. Even if it is just for personal use.

The goal of marketing, no matter what anyone tells you, is to increase your bottom line revenue. You do that by putting your message in front of the right people not by hoping they will find your message where ever you decide to put it.

As one of the only “nearly free” marketing platforms out there – nearly free because no matter what anyone says it will at least cost you time, and time is in fact money – it makes little to no sense for a business in today’s day and age to ignore this potential revenue stream. Do some research, look into the various platforms, ask questions, and I guarantee you will most likely be surprised at what you learn.