Website: technology at your fingertips

Let’s say you’ve been at a corporate event and end up talking to someone who could totally become your client.

You shake hands, trade business cards and agree to keep in touch.

You know this person is interested and will, when he gets a chance, pull up your website on his phone, tablet, or PC to find out more about your company.

How do you feel about that? Do you feel you just handed off a potential piece of business to the new intern– or to guy who was just awarded the “110k in sales” plaque at the Christmas party?

Your website is your sales person when you aren’t there. You want it to present you and your business the way you would, with a clear statement about who you are and what you can do for them. And you want it to have form and function, to work well and look professional (or edgy, if that’s your thing)—you want it to be an extension of yourself and how you do operate.

We begin by finding out who your audience is and then create a website that speaks to that audience. Usually it’s hard to know what direction to take, so we start with a blank slate and then create a few design options for you to choose from. Once you chose the design and messaging, we create content that attracts the clients you are looking for, images that sell, and navigation that works effortlessly. Then we attack it with a vengeance! We imagine all kinds of use-case scenarios and test out the SEO. We create responsive design so that it works on all devices (laptop, phone, or tablet). And then we test it again until it’s perfect. We make sure form meets function– that it’s beautiful to look at and works like a dream.

When we’re done, you will hand that business card off knowing that your website just closed the deal.