Unicorn Farts and Rainbows

Myths and Legends Surrounding Marketing

There are an infinite number of misconceptions surrounding the fundamental business need that is Marketing & Advertising. In business there are not many verticals that are as readily misunderstood as the fields of marketing and advertising. These kinds of myths are just like Unicorn Farts and Rainbows, fun to listen to, completely untrue and somehow never seem to die. This series will talk about a number of these myths in various levels of detail.

Unicorn Farts and Rainbows are the same as Marketing and Advertising myths.

10 Myths that Just Can’t Seem to Die

The following myths are ten we as a group decided were some of the most persistent as well as annoyingly untrue. They are a mix of ones perpetrated by marketers as well as misconstrued by companies. Let’s get the party started.

1) If you build it they will come –

Guess what, just because you have a business doesn’t mean anyone cares to use it or buy from it. The movie “Field of Dreams” stated that simple concept and it has stuck to the business world like some sort of super adhesive. The bottom line is you have to tell people what you do, where you are, what you’re selling and how they can get it.

2) Print is dead –

You will hear this spread, around the internet especially, that print is dead. For some reason the internet marketers really want print advertising to die but 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy of all marketing types.

3) Direct mail is a waste of money –

A lot of businesses think sending direct mail advertising is synonymous with flushing cash down the toilet. Some simple direct mail stats 44% of people who get it visit that company’s website, 79% say they read or scan direct-mail pieces, and 48% of them retain direct mail pieces for future reference.

4) Social Media Marketing is just talking about what we had for lunch –

Social Media is networking tool misused by countless companies. It can target specific groups as well as cast a larger net designed to pull in a wide demographic. Learn about what your targets are interested in and that should be the foundation of your social media campaign.

5) #4 doesn’t matter because Social Media is not Measurable –

This is a sad misconception facing one of the greatest new tools in the marketing and advertising industry. The truth of the matter is Social Media campaigns are just as track-able as any other form or marketing or advertising. Directing potential clients to specific web pages and tracking those, or using a campaign that drives people to call into a specific sales line etc. Social Media is just a tool, you being able to track it is 100% based upon the design of your campaign and what you want to achieve.

6) I should be on all Social Media Networks! –

This couldn’t be further from the truth. As has been previously stated it all depends on where your target audience is located and what THEY Are using. That’s where you should be. High powered execs are less likely to use Facebook but are very likely to use LinkedIn as a tool for their business. No matter what kind of marketing and advertising you’re doing if you’re not doing it in front of the people that are likely to spend their money on you then it won’t be effective, social media or not.

7) Mobile isn’t something I need to think about in my business –

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in everyone uses a mobile device to search the web at one point or another. Whether they are a 15 year old kid who needs his parents permission to purchase something or a high powered lawyer who makes million dollar deals on a daily basis they undoubtedly use a mobile device for something. They will undoubtedly visit your website on that device and if your website looks terrible you will lose them before they get back to a desktop where your website doesn’t look awful.

8) The best product always wins –

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but just because your product is superior or even far superior to your competitor’s does NOT mean you will crush them in the sales department. Marketing is the key to getting things sold. There have been countless numbers of products throughout history that have been beaten out and even put out of business by inferior products. You’re only guarantee is to put energy into marketing and advertising your product to draw people into liking and desiring it more.

9) I have to make a 1-on-1 connection with potential clients or marketing won’t work –

This is a fairly modern trend from marketers and it is a load of crap. Again, think about your target audience and what they’re looking for. Appeal to that aspect of their senses and they will be far more likely to buy your product. So don’t kill yourself over trying to make each and every customer feel like they are your only customer through your marketing. Make your product or service appealing and explain why and they will come to the door ready to buy.

10) Determining the success of a marketing/advertising campaign is all based on sales results –

This is thought a lot in the business world and unfortunately it isn’t remotely true. This kind of statement drives marketing people bonkers simply because there is one key step between marketing and a completed sale and that is the sales person. The workflow is fairly straight forward marketing and advertising bring the lead to the sales team ready to buy, or at worst interested and knowledgeable. The sales team then works with the positive lead to close the deal. Keep track of the quantity AND quality of your leads