Technology: gears driving everything

It’s hard to imagine a company right now

that doesn’t use a multitude of technology solutions

every day.

Even the humble food truck has a high-tech gadget that validates credit cards and magically records inventory counts.

Businesses rely on sound, secure, and swift software and hardware. So why is it so hard for tech companies to get the word out? It turns out that the very thing they are talking about end up intimidating and confusing their audience. Prospects hear technological language and run the other direction – even though the very products and services you want to talk about can help them run their businesses more effectively! Many fear the learning curve – but they also don’t want to appear outdated Often this means they end up not doing anything at all! So here’s the key: learn about your potential clients’ interests, pain points, needs and personalities—and then tailor your content to address them.

You’re in the technology business, so you know that Google’s algorithm updates mean one very important thing: quality content is more important than ever before. The right content for the right audience lifts your tech company above the rising tide of your competitors. We do that by jumping on a different boat on that rising tide. The boat your competitors use is full of tech lingo and concepts. Our boat isn’t. Our message is accessible. We don’t use a lot of technological language that makes the consumer glaze over – or worse: fearing ignorance. What your customers want to know is that your product or service is going to help them do their business better or sell more widgets. Bring to light the practical, tangible ways you can help them.

Our method is to use plain and targeted messaging. Don’t talk about “the cloud” if your clients think you’re talking about puffy cotton balls in the sky. Don’t mention “hardware” if they still associate that word with hammers and nails.

Tell them what you can do for them instead!