Technology marketing: be careful of over-intellectualizing!

Here’s a simple concept: make your marketing simple. This is not because your audience is stupid; it’s because the more complicated the message, the less effective it is. Most businesses are able to reel in the company jargon and make things appealing to the average consumer. But when technology is involved, it seems to elude the best of marketing efforts.

So remember this: dumb technology is more appealing to consumers.

That oxymoron, as do most, assaults the mind. But from a marketing perspective it rings true. I have seen many a young technology company get so excited about the product they are selling, they focus on what it does and how it does it. They switch into “education mode.” They think, “If I teach everyone how my awesome product does what it does, they will have no choice but to love it and buy it!” Unfortunately there is one universal truth, no matter what industry or vertical you are in: if you have to teach someone how your product works in order to sell it, you ain’t sellin’ it.

There is only one commodity that is common to everyone on the planet: time. And you are taking it away from your potential customer by forcing them to learn about your product. You are wasting the only truly valuable thing they have, their time. Technological advances over the last decade have been dedicated to giving people back that precious commodity. So don’t take it away from the very people who want more of it. Translation: Get to the point.

How? Don’t show how smart your tech gadget is. Don’t try to explain how all the bells and whistles work. Don’t try to entrance the viewer into giving you all their time before they buy your thing. Instead, find a simple problem your audience has that your product fixes and focus all your energy on pitching the message that solves it. “Got a problem with “A? Well, our thing makes that problem go away!”

Your customers aren’t dumb. They’re just scrapped for time. They’re not simple, but they need a simple message. Over-intellectualizing will not lead them to buy your new technological masterpiece, but telling them how it can solve a problem for them will.

It’s actually a pretty simple concept!