Strategy: the most bang for your buck

How do most people see marketing strategy?

Question: “George W. Bush. In your own words please summarize your presidential campaign.”

Will Ferrell: “Strategery.”

Sometimes we just need a plan to get us moving in the right direction. A marketing plan, like a new exercise regimen—or anything you do that brings a reward—needs something that puts that plan into action. That’s what strategy does. A marketing strategy that delivers more customers, the right customers, and increased revenue is a powerful asset.

If you find yourself saying, “I want to market my business better,” that’s a good start. Where we come in is helping you identify how to do that—what tools to use, when to use them, and what audience to target.

You might be interested in revamping your website with some training videos, or like the idea of scheduling regular product emails and holiday promotions, or you may want to take a leap of faith into the social media pool. Perhaps you’re feeling that all your collateral efforts are scattered and you want to integrate your digital, print and trade show pieces so that they look consistent and fresh. Those are the tactical pieces of the plan, the things we identify your marketing efforts need in order for your business to reach its potential.

But how do we know if our strategy and tactics do what they are supposed to do? We measure them! First we examine the data at the beginning of the campaign and set realistic and reachable goals for where you want your business to be. We look at your current bottom line and number of clients and compare those same numbers when we are finished.

More than that, we make sure our marketing strategy is solid: Let’s say your goal is to increase revenue by 30%. We can do that! But we look deeper: is it sustainable? We could create a marketing strategy that brings in that one great 30% client (who might just leave, through no fault of yours, and you are back to square one). Or…we create a plan that brings in 5 new clients, each contributing 6% to the bottom line. This creates a more stable framework to support your business and it’s these details we take into consideration when coming up with a marketing strategy that’s just right for you.

Realistic, well thought-out plans that fit your personality and realize your dreams. Now that’s strategery!