Set Reasonable Goals

How can I set reasonable goals?

No matter what you’re doing in business you have to have target you’re trying to reach. More importantly you have to have a long term target you can actually reach. Of course the question is always how do you determine if you goal is attainable. Every business is different but there are a number of easy tactics you can use to make that call.

Ask Your Team – Getting input, it’s a crazy idea but find out what the people in the trenches think the company needs to set as far as expectations. Though they may set a goal that is easier than you would want to set yourself it can easily be used as an effective benchmark from which you can work. Take the bar they give you and bump it up a notch in order to challenge them in just the right way.

Review Previous Achievements – History is a great source for inspiration and information. Take a look at your past to see what you have been able to accomplish in similar time frames, reflect on how difficult or easy that achievement was, and set the bar accordingly for your next campaign.

Look at your Financials – Anything you do for your business should have a specific return on investment so check the books! Though it shouldn’t be the primary go to for goals knowing how much money you need to bring in to grow your business will help determine what kind of goals you need to achieve with your marketing. You marketing fills the pipe with leads through which your sales team can filter.

Look at What You’re Already Doing Well – Determining what you need to achieve can often be influenced by what you’re already doing. If you discover that you are crushing one aspect of business then it might not be where you should focus your goals. Taking an aspect of your business that needs some work is a great way to get a marketing goal.

No matter what way you want to determine your goal the point is you need to spend some time determining what it needs to be. The objective of a goal is to make it far enough out that your team has to work towards achieving it while it is still achievable. Take some time to gather information from multiple sources then put your information to work in setting the bar that your marketing campaign has to reach.