Quit trying to be a teacher…damn it!

One of the biggest flaws in “beginner” marketing or with start-ups is the driving need to educate people about the cause or the product through their advertising.

Stop it!

Advertising is NOT the venue through which you educate your potential customers. That comes from people experiencing your product or service. Marketing and advertising is about inspiration and desire. And those two things have nothing to do with knowledge about a subject. It’s a reaction, an impulse, a need. It is a primitive thing we’re talking about.

The goal of your advertising efforts is to make someone say “Wow, I want that.” Notice they don’t say “Now that I know what that is all about I would like to make a purchase of said item.”

One of the biggest crimes businesses are guilty of is word volume. Part of this has to do with Google and their web rules. The fact that a robot needs words to search has changed the mind of many marketers and advertisers into being more word heavy. The problem with that is people don’t respond well to large chunks of text to read. It becomes overwhelming and time consuming to them. And considering that the attention span of a person is, on average, less than that of a goldfish, it is important that you don’t hit them with a lot of words.

I understand that you want people to learn about all the great features, qualities, and things that make your product or service a must-have. But, they don’t care about all that when they see your ad. They are responding on a different level. You need to make your nonverbal communication exciting and interesting more than you need it to pass on information.

So don’t get caught up in being the teacher holding forth at the front of the class. Focus on one aspect of your business, make your communication about it exciting and inter