Print collateral – the powerful tool people are forgetting about

The digital age. High speed internet. Analytics. It seems to be all people are talking about. Many of our clients tend to think of marketing in terms of the World Wide Web. But there is a very powerful advertising tool out there that is being used less and less even though its power is growing.


That’s right. That old fashioned stuff that you hold in your hands. Business cards. Magazines.
A mailer card. The world of print collateral is a forgotten tool in the marketing and advertising industry.

But what makes print collateral so “powerful” in this digital age of ours? How can it compete with the internet?

The shortest answer is touch. Science has proven, time and time again, that the more human senses you engage the more a person remembers it. Ever talk to someone about a powerful experience? They talk about smells, sounds, gut reactions and, often, how something felt. With print collateral you engage another sense on top of the visual elements. And not enough people think about that when creating their collateral. Don’t just have a business card on regular paper, have it on textured paper or extra heavy paper. Generate something that makes your business card stand out from the hundreds of other ones a person receives.

We love the web, of course. But it is limited to exactly 2 senses: visual and audible; what you see and what you hear. That alone makes it hard to stand out from the competition. The added sense of a print collateral piece activates more parts of the brain and further ensures that the consumer has developed a solid memory of your brand.

So the next time you are building a strategy, don’t think in only 2 dimensions. Move beyond the internet and think about how you can engage the other senses of your target audience. Engage the print collateral world to further your advertising goals!