The Multi-tiered Marketing Strategy Golden Egg

Marketing has always been a fluid and dynamic industry whose ultimate goal is a long-term relationship with the consumer. But because multiple phone calls and in-person conversations aren’t enough, marketing depends on collateral to influence people’s decision-making behavior.

However, unlike the golden days of advertising where there was just a handful of avenues, there are now countless ways to get a “touch” in the mind of a potential customer. There isn’t just print, TV, and radio – with all their various subcategories – today we have the world wide web and the myriad of options that come with it. It can be easy to get trapped into thinking you have to pour the majority of your energy into that one tool.

But if you really want your marketing strategy to have a huge impact you have to DIVERSIFY!

Think about how people now interact with the world. You would think that they have their eyes fused to their phones or their computers, but they don’t. Even kids. Believe it or not, in any given day an average person interacts with all different kinds of media. They might see a billboard while riding in the car listening to the radio, then read a menu at the restaurant they were going to, then have a conversation with their friends or family, and later watch some TV before going to bed. They just got exposed to multiple forms of media without a phone, a tablet, or a PC.

So why would you not have marketing in those kinds of places?

The most successful marketing strategies tie many tools together to not only get multiple “touches’ but to guide consumers in a certain direction. Think through how a webpage drives traffic to a print ad that then ties into a radio commercial, all leading to product placement in a TV show. Suddenly the advertising campaign has touched people not only multiple times but in multiple ways. This increases the overall effectiveness of a campaign. It enhances the likelihood the people remember the brand, and increases their chances of choosing it. And that leads to sales! So open your mind to opportunities beyond the internet and take advantage of that off-screen Golden Egg.