How much can you really learn from the past?

Marketing is an evolutionary process not an event.

Marketing evolves over time, Often, companies treat marketing as a series of independent events and efforts that all individually work to create a result: Content marketing produces one result; Google AdWords achieve another; magazine ad campaigns garner a certain number of results per ad. While there they may work harmoniously together, your brand is still subject to this inevitable truth: it’s only as good (or bad) as your last campaign.

The human brain is a funny thing. It stores information. And when new information comes, it makes immediate judgments, often subconsciously, based on that stored knowledge.

If a young child burns himself grabbing a hot iron, he doesn’t just learn to avoid irons, he learns to avoid things that are hot. If it’s really bad, that aversion can lead to a phobia. You don’t want that to happen to your marketing. The same brain function is analyzing your marketing. Each campaign influences another campaign over time and across channels. People develop a subconscious affinity or aversion for your brand based on their feelings and reactions to how they have perceived your company in the past.

If you have created marketing collateral that is favorable, it is likely that the next marketing pieces will have an increased and immediate positive impression. As positive experiences build over time, you end up with a loyal fan for life. Very little will shake that foundation of positivity you have created.

The opposite applies as well. If your campaign missed the mark, the phobic iron-toucher will walk the other way the next time he sees a sign with your name on it.

When you create marketing for your business you have to realize that your campaign running today doesn’t just impact sales tomorrow, but also will greatly influence the campaign you run 6 months from now.

Symbolic rearrangement of the past is of course an unavoidable aspect of all human attempts to make sense of the present. – Eamon Duffy