Healthcare: changing the face of health

Did you know that almost 60 percent of healthcare patients

checked out hospital websites

before making an appointment?

And over 40 percent researched doctors before making a choice? The same goes for social media and physician-rating sites—most patients now use social media to make healthcare decisions. In fact, 6 out of 10 patients use online patient reviews before selecting a physician.

Does this mean that health care providers have no control over attracting customers? No! Those statistics give us great insight into how healthcare is changing and how we can adapt our marketing practices to this changing landscape. The digital age has given us the perfect tools for interacting with consumers and guiding them to your door. Marketing to potential patients with the information they seek is essential, whether it’s digital, print, or TV. Healthcare professionals and providers offering services, products, software, medical tools, or prescription services need to send clear messages and provide easy access to information.

Don’t waste time saying how great you are! Patients are looking for information about THEM. They are seeking helpful, relevant, and educational information that will help them make informed decisions. They want information they can understand instead of medical jargon and advertising lingo. When they get that, they make the next step: choosing YOU.

It’s all about developing a relationship with potential new patients.

Reach out to them at the right time with the right information. We suggest the avenues that most fit you and your market– blogs, social media, white papers, checklists, and email with content that creates a personalized experience for the consumer. You might even feature videos and podcasts from your website. We create content that tells compelling stories from the perspectives of patients and doctors—stories people can relate to.
The third most popular activity that people do online—right behind checking email and using a search engine—is looking for answers to health questions.

Answering those questions effectively is just what the doctor ordered!