Government: changing the public’s image

Government agencies just want to be understood!

It’s hard to remember that behind the paperwork and multiple communication channels,

there are people who need information that fits the way the government and its agencies operate.

We understand.

There are more nuances in managing government contracts than there are in a Shakespeare sonnet, but we can handle it. We know the language and the meaning behind it and work comfortably within the terminology of even the most complex contracts. The RFP and quote process, when handled adroitly and with an understanding of the particular agency and its structure, is essential to great working relationships in the government sector.

Although the same commercial-sector verticals can be found in this arena, marketing to them is very different. For one thing, it’s harder to reach their target audience, so campaigns with an integrated approach are essential. We also make sure that we understand the exact issues and problems our work is trying to solve for the agency. We focus on what their needs are, instead of what we do and how we do it.

When working with departments within the government, it’s all about due-diligence. The only way to get the job done is to drill down into a department’s specific needs and learn how it receives, communicates, and processes information. Once we know that, we can better facilitate those communications, and then we are off doing what we do best, creating great content and solving problems.

We know that working with the government requires finesse, integrity, and common sense. Through our experience with various state and federal government agencies we have come to see that our biggest strength is navigating the channels of communication so that information is clear and accessible, on time and in scope. We may not be Shakespeare, but we love nuances.

We laugh in the face of intricacy. We understand you!