Determining your Target Audience

Who is your target audience?

Determining Your Target Audience and Demographics

So you think you know who your target audience is huh? Are you 100% positive? I can tell you with guaranteed certainty right now that it is not “everybody.” Every product and service that has ever existed has a target audience, or demographic, that is a smaller number of people than everyone. But how do you find out who that audience includes? Here are a few tips.

Census Data – The simplest and easiest way to get a clue as to who your target audience might be is by analyzing the government Census. They do some incredibly detailed research when assembling their data and it very well may give you the starting foot hold you need towards finding that perfect market.

Competition Audience – Another easy way to determine some aspect of your target audience is by looking at your competition. Just look at who they are going after and copy them. The larger the competitor you look into the better representation you’re going to have for your audience.

Analytics – f you have a website and you haven’t set up Google Analytics, at the very least, well there’s little hope for you to begin with. But, those of you who understand the value of data have got a good jump . You have been collecting data on your audience since you started collecting web data. By digging into your web analytics you can find out where people are coming from, what times of day they visit, referral sources and more. Combine that with any form data you’ve collected and you can get a pretty good idea as to whom you should target your collateral.

Surveys – It might annoy you at the mall or as a pop-up on the web but surveys are a fantastic way to get this information. By choosing the right questions and encouraging honest answers you can pinpoint your target audience to about as a fine a point as you want. It certainly can require some of the largest amount of work but it also will yield the greatest results.

Focus Groups – Of course getting people into a room and asking them questions can give you an even better look into what they like and don’t like. Not only will you get the answers to your questions, as with the surveys, but you can also see reactions and study emotional responses. Even with a service, or potential service, you can gauge reactions as well as get the answers.

There are five options for you to consider when determining your target audience. The process is basically the same whether you have a product or a service. The key is don’t just guess as to who you think wants what you’re offering. Take some time and research who those people are. Spending the time in the beginning will pay massive dividends in the end.