Creating an image that appeals to government entities.

All verticals leverage the same basic tactics and principles when it comes to marketing and one has certain nuances, focuses, and tactics specific to its needs. The U.S. Government is no different.

The government buys a ton of stuff, from goods for day-to-day operations to services that can span decades. It only makes sense that many companies want to work with them. But many companies shy away because dealing with the US government, especially on the surface, looks like a logistical nightmare.

Here’s how to make it easy.

Just work with the same fundamental marketing principles you use with any vertical. And then use the government’s quirks to your advantage.

The biggest advantage you have is timing. Unlike most industries, government agencies have a strong tendency to buy in cycles and usually make purchasing decisions at predesignated times. This is a huge advantage to anyone looking to catch their ear and influence decisions.

If you know when someone is going to make a decision in advance it gives you the opportunity to build a specific strategy leading up to that decision point. Take the time to research your target audience as well as the policies and procedures they need to follow. Research the jargon you need to use for each specific agency. You can’t just slap the same language you used with another government agency and expect results. And then, as with any campaign, sell yourself and your business with supporting facts, case studies, research and information.

You don’t have to be intimidated by government agencies when it comes to marketing. Yes, they can be a little tougher to get into, and yes, they do have a few more layers of tape to cut through—but in the end they require the same marketing fundamentals as any other business.

And now, you know how to go about it.