Content writers are always King….or Queen.

I get asked on a regular basis who the most important people on my team really are, and without any hesitation my answer is always the same. The copywriters. The power of the well-written word is essential to any marketing strategy. Advertising, commercials, articles, even movie scripts, are worthless if the words on the page don’t resonate. Plain and simple. If you think that any of these articles I write are 100% straight out of my brain onto the page…I have news for you…not even close. We have an editing process where I write some basic stream of consciousness words which my head copywriter then makes into something glorious.

There should be no pride lost in this exchange; there are very few people I have met in this world that can put sentences together that energize people.

I have, however met a slew of people who think they can write. In fact, maybe you are one of them. Hate to tell you. You probably can’t. One of our main flaws as humans is the conviction that we are excellent at things we really have no business doing. And this is no more evident than in the world of the written word.

When you decide to create content—whether it is for a webpage or a billboard—be sure to bring in a copywriter to help you with the process. Know your place, know your strengths, and trust people in this one field, even if you don’t trust them in others. Read what they have written. Give them a test and feel how you are moved, engaged, and energized by what they write. And then hire them. There is no more important job in advertising than the copywriters—and there is not nearly enough praise heaped upon them.

On a side note; I am tickled as I write the first draft of this incredible piece of literary genius, to think about how many times my head writer rolls her eyes at my sad run-on sentences and poor word choices.

Except the praise part—she was probably okay with that.