Consumer Products: stand out from the heap

Imagine your perfect customer is leaning over the boat rail staring at the ocean.

Everything looks the same.

Suddenly your product pops up on the surface like a beach ball. And stays there.

That’s the magic of perfectly crafted marketing.

A whole ocean of products is vying for the attention of consumers today. We keep your product or new invention floating on top by implementing strategies that work.

First, we determine what verticals make sense for your consumer products. And since consumers can initiate – and terminate — a buying experience from any device or channel, at any time of day, we make sure they are treated to the best information about your product. Today’s buyers expect consistent branding across devices and they want a personalized experience whether they are using their phones, their home computers, or shopping in the store. Each channel has its own requirements, consumer appeal, and messaging. Our plan for your product includes consistent branding while taking into account the specialized needs of each outlet.

They are called consumer products for a reason.

Then we discover your product’s sweet spot. The more knowledge we gather about your customer’s needs and preferences, the smarter we can be in marketing your product. We tighten the focus so that we market to the right slice of the population and don’t waste your time and money on the wrong people at the wrong time. Then we continue to monitor consumer traffic to make sure we stay on the mark. At the end of they, we want them not just to notice your product, we want them to buy it.

And we want them to keep buying it, loyalty being the other half of consumer activity. So that’s our plan: to grab the attention of your most desired customer base and keep it there.

As they gaze at the endless sea of products, they can’t help but see yours bob to the top and grab it!