The secret to breaking into the Government Contractor world

One of the more interesting fields of marketing for us is in the world of government contracting. The US Government pays out billions of dollars to businesses every year and the businesses that initially win the work are often given preferential treatment moving forward. That translates into long-term job security. Once you get into the system and establish a relationship with the decision-maker, he or she thinks of you whenever your type of work comes along. The challenge, of course, is getting that first contract.

This is where a targeted marketing strategy can really shine.

The concept is fairly straight forward: you build a strategy around getting a specific audience to do what you want them to do, and this happens mostly through non-verbal communication. But without shaking hands and talking in person, how can you convince a group of people that your business is the one for them? That’s what makes marketing and advertising so fascinating and challenging. That “group of people” can be in the millions, and each person has slightly different tastes, opinions, biases, and histories. So the immediate goal is to narrow that audience down as closely as you can. That is Marketing 101.

But here’s the truly wonderful thing about government contracts: most of the time that audience is one person. Your job just got easier in one sense; now you turn your attention to figuring out who that single person of contact is. Once you do that, gear your marketing in a way helps them remember your company, your name, and your brand. When the contract comes up, you will be front-of-mind and land the deal.

Many people think that getting into government contracting is not just about shaking hands and kissing babies, but about shaking the right hands and kissing the right babies. That leads them into thinking there isn’t much marketing to do for this type of contract. But those that succeed in the government market are the ones who go after a target audience of 1…and stay there.