Branding: be you, everyone else is taken

You can tell your best friend from across the street (way before you actually see her face)

by the way she walks, the clothes she wears, the way she holds her head, the way she stands out in a crowd.

That’s a brand. That is the ineffable essence of your friend, and she can’t be anyone else.

To be recognized in the same way, without any doubt, is the mark of great branding. Your brand is a deliberate and conscious way of communicating who you are to the world. It’s not your logo or your tagline—they are the means by which your brand is broadcast. They tell the story of you…and you are your brand. The colors and words you use create a subtle message in the mind of the consumer, and that is why it is so important to make branding decisions that align with your business’s culture and vision.

Branding done well makes you stand apart from everyone else.

People subconsciously sense when things don’t add up there. A disconnect between who you are and what you say can spell disaster: confused prospects, or simply customers that pass you by because they can’t figure out who you are. Branding that you don’t control ends up being no brand at all, and you end up with a major identity crisis! So who are you? Serious? Spunky? Sagittarius? Choose text, font, colors and designs that reflect that. And your audience—will they understand your clever tagline? Do they respond to the cool factor, or does it go over their heads? Knowing yourself and your client base leads to wise decisions in the branding department.

Your brand is the thing that is instantly recognizable as “you” (or your business). Be intentional.

Choose language, design, and colors that communicate your ethos, your way of standing out in the crowd, instantly recognizable–just like your best friend.