5 Simple Advertising Don’ts

There are so many “do’s” in advertising—all dependent on different factors—it would be an injustice to write a single article that covers them all. So, for this article we have chosen 5 “don’ts.” And they are universal no matter what industry you are in.

1- Don’t complicate your message – The one unifying theme in all advertising is people. People are the ones you are trying to get to buy into your idea, engage your services, or purchase your product. If you put a complicated message in front of them and ask them to remember a lot of data, your success will plummet. This is why “list articles” are so popular on the internet. Short and sweet wins the day.

2 – Don’t ignore your target audience – One reason advertising fails is because it disregards its target audience. Usually, someone has this great idea and the next thing you know, the company is rolling out an entire campaign, never once giving thought to whether it will appeal to the right people or not. They figure if they like it, everyone else will. But that is not the case. Everything you put out there needs to be put under the magnifying glass of the target audience.

3 – Don’t copy someone else – Very often we get this suggestions from our clients: “Why don’t we just do what giant company X does…except put our name on it?” The answer is simple: because you are NOT giant company X. You are you. Your differentiator is different, so repackaging their ideas is going to damage the impact of your campaign as well as your brand. One size does not fit all.

4 – Don’t ignore the data – Another big No-No is ignoring data. Consumers give so much information back to companies it is astounding that businesses fail at all. There is a misconception that an ad campaign either works or it doesn’t, but in reality a great ad campaign goes through tweaks and changes over time, based on the feedback from the consumer. Check out what others are saying about you and make adjustments. Ignoring this feedback will weaken your marketing strategy.

5 – Don’t be inflexible – This is the final and most important “don’t.” Don’t get stuck thinking that the way your plan was originally designed is the only way it can be executed. Advertising is not a set-in-stone procedure. Just about every field out there, from brain surgery to lunar landings, requires adjustments and tweaking in order to find success. Being agile and adaptable is how people and businesses grow.

All in all, there are a lot of things you can “do”—but there is only a handful of things that you absolutely should not do. Follow these 5 basic “don’ts” and you will see more success in your advertising.