4 Things to Think about for Government Marketing

Government contracting is a unique industry with very specific requirements. Knowing those requirements is a huge advantage when marketing to a government industry. We’ve put together four things to keep in mind when targeting the government with a marketing effort.

1 – Know who your target is – One of the most unique aspects of government contracting is the size of your audience. In most Government agencies, you can narrow down the decision maker to a single person, and that is the only person you need to worry about. There is no need to have a far-reaching marketing campaign. You can—and should—research that individual so you can create advertising collateral with laser-like precision.

2 – Know your Target window – Government Agencies tend to spend small amounts of money throughout the year and then have a panic-induced period of spending large chunks of money. In order for your marketing effort to have the maximum impact, you have to know when this window is. Your marketing should build during the year so that when that panic time shows up, you are top-of-mind with decision-makers.

3 – Know the Regulations – As with corporate industries, there are regulations and unspoken rules to follow when it comes to marketing. As with a lot of government work, there is a lot of research involved before you take your first step. Make sure you know these rules and regulations so that you don’t cross the line and miss out on government opportunities.

4 – Make it Valuable – Government contracts are usually large-scale projects, so you should be aiming high. As will with all campaigns, you should be methodical and well-paced, but with the government you definitely need to have a “wow” moment. Create that one thing that your contact/target audience will remember for a long time. Make sure you leave a lasting impression, so that when the time comes your number is the one they call.

The wonderful thing about the Government Contracting industry is that you can get a serious leg up if you do some solid preliminary research. Within these small a target audiences, your marketing campaign can have a serious impact and land you the big deal.