3 Tactics to Seriously Leverage Direct Mail

Snail mail. Is your trip to the mail box filled with annoyance or dread? Why? Because you know that you going to get one of two things in there: bills or junk mail. And who wants those?

Direct mail has become the red headed step-child of the marketing and advertising world. Well, let’s face it, it was never the grand standard to which all others were held, but it had a significant place in the promotions world. Until the internet, which made a lot of people think direct mail was dead. But is not: Here are 3 ways to create a direct mail campaign that provides a double digit response rate and boosts your other advertising efforts.

1 – The campaign tie-in – one of the best ways to leverage direct mail marketing is to tie it in as an element of a much bigger campaign. The beauty of a direct mail piece is that you can build anticipation for it before it arrives so that it becomes an event. If you email your subscribers to let them know that they should be looking out for a direct mail piece, that piece becomes a product in and of itself. Then the consumer will be compelled to use it for the next step in your overall marketing campaign.

2 – The focus and upgrade – The old military adage that the “weapons lead the strategy” certainly applies to direct mail. The internet has caused us to re-think mass mailings: instead of using the old fashioned tactic of mailing off massive amounts of simple pieces to a huge target audience, focus on a specific target audience and send them a quality promotional piece. Instead of sending something basic to 100,000 people, send something classy to 10,000. People have an incredible response rate to things they touch and feel and perceive as valuable. Create that value by giving your direct mail piece an upgrade.

3 – The multi-tiered message – Another out-of-date practice is thinking that you have to send the same message over and over in order for direct mail to work. But don’t get stuck in this line of thinking. Instead of sending the same post card time and time again with slight variations, take the viewer on a journey. Tie multiple direct mail pieces together over time, leading the viewer towards a goal. Getting them involved in the process makes for a more memorable and engaging experience.

Remember, direct mail has significant impact in today’s connected and fast-paced world. Even with all the new marketing tools available today, they still aren’t replacing the ones that have stayed around. As long as the USPS exists, direct mail will be a valuable tool to those savvy industry experts who know how to leverage it for maximum impact.